Give Up Technology For A Week!

Should we take breaks from technology?

Recently I’ve become more and more aware of how much time I spend on technology. I am always looking at my social media accounts, texting my friends, catching up on the latest gossip, but when does it become too much.

As a college student I need to be on my computer whether I want to or not to do homework and since I am in a web developing major I find there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t sit in front of at least three different computers a day. However, when I am not staring at my computer I am usually starting at my phone. I can spend hours on my phone getting lost in different apps.

In high school around 2009-2013 I was lucky enough to have a cell phone but it didn’t take up so much time in my life as it does now. Probably because then all you could do was text and they didn’t have all of the features that they do now. Even when AIM became a thing I only remember logging on at night for a little while. Today I find myself on my phone whenever I can be.

I see other people throughout campus, at restaurants, and in the mall constantly looking down at their phones. So while we are keeping up with all of the information on our phones, what are we really missing out on?

I guess the answer is we really don’t know what we are missing until we see for ourselves. We are all so consumed with the internet and social media that we can forget that there is life beyond our phones.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you.

-Anne Lamott

So my challenge for myself and anyone reading this is to put down your phones, tablets, and computers just for a week and see what happens. I know this can be very difficult but try and limit yourself to only use technology when you absolutely need to. Choose a week that you know there isn’t much going on and take a break!

Valentines Day is also coming up, will you be bringing your cell phone to dinner?


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